Checking Out the Competition When You Get Newark Office Space To Rent

Competition When You Get Newark Office Space To Rent Checking Out the Competition When You Get Newark Office Space To Rent

When you rent offices in any area, you’re bound to check out the competition first.  A lot of companies don’t want to be located too close to their direct competitors.  However, there are times when this can work to your benefit.  If a certain area is known for a certain industry, it tends to attract many clients looking for those products and services. So even though you’re located close to your competition, you can end up benefiting from it.  Here are a few tips on checking out your competition before you get Newark office space to rent:

1. What Is Their Specialty?  Let’s say that you run a law firm.  If you go to see offices to rent and find that there is another law firm right across from you, you might hesitate before renting that space.  However, wouldn’t it be a good idea to find out what that law firm’s specialty is before you make your decision?  If they specialize in divorce cases while you specialize in corporate law, then there’s really no conflict.  You can even refer cases to each other if you come across any that the other firm specializes in.  This way, you can maintain a symbiotic relationship.

2. Speak To Them Freely Before Renting.  If you are thinking about renting in a certain area and you have many competitors there, you might want to speak to them all freely before making your final decision.  Find out how they feel about having another competitor in the area.  Do they think that there are enough clients for everyone?  Or are they jealous about protecting their client list?  Has business been going up or down for them?  You might meet with a rebuff in some of these places but you can also get invaluable information from them.  If most of your competitors tell you that business has been going down, you might want to reconsider renting in that area.

3. Find Out Their Prices.  If you have a number of competitors in a certain area who are all selling the same product or service as you, you might want to find out their prices before moving to that area.  Can you also sell your product or service at the same price or will this mean a loss for you?  You know that your clients are going to be thinking the same way.  If they’re looking for a law firm in Newark, they’ll go with the one that offers them a competitive rate.  Of course, the reputation of the firm also matters but for most people, money is the most important consideration.