Considering Space, Location and Company Image for a Newark Office Rental

Newark Office Rental

If you’re thinking about moving offices, a Newark office rental might be right for you.  Given its proximity to New York and the abundance of public transportation, Newark has now become quite a commercial hub, housing all kinds of offices, retail stores, eateries etc.  Still, there are going to be certain considerations when you’re looking for office space.


This is, obviously, the most important consideration.  Most businesses move because they’ve grown so much that they can’t fit everyone into their old space.  So you want to make sure that you’ve got enough space for all your employees.

In case you plan to expand even more in the future, you might want to get a little more space than you absolutely need.  Of course, if this is a planned expansion, then you’ll know exactly how much space is necessary and you can plan accordingly.


The exact location of your office rental is also going to be important because your employees will need to be able to come and go freely.  If most of them use public transportation, you’ll need to make sure that you rent office space in a building which is easily reachable.

If most of them have cars, then you’ll need to make sure there’s a lot of parking in the neighborhood.

Company Image.

Another consideration when it comes to location is going to be the type of image you want to project.  If your clients often visit you in your office space, you want to be located in the type of building which has a nice exterior.

This is something you’ll be able to gauge by just looking at the building from the outside.  If the entrance to the building is nice and there’s a park or upscale eateries around it, then it creates a good impression on clients. contact us for more information on renting office space in Newark.