Requirements of Small vs. Large Firms When It Comes to Newark Office Space

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Small vs. large firms look for different things when it comes to Newark office space.  If you’re running a small business, space will probably not be a problem at first because you’re not going to have that many employees.  On the other hand, large firms will first need to make sure that they have enough room for everyone that they employ.  However, small and large firms also have different requirements when it comes to other aspects of finding office space.

Small Firms Need a Central Hub

Often, when you start a small firm, you’re going to be running around the place quite a bit.  Being an entrepreneur is a time-consuming job and you’re expected to bring everything together.  You may have to find collaborators, gather materials, make sure the product gets assimilated and finally, sold.  This is going to involve a lot of travel, either locally or long-distance.  So you should look for a place which can be a convenient hub for your business.  Newark is a great option because it’s accessible by public and private transportation.

Large Firms Need To Establish a Public Image

On the other hand, when you are running a large firm, there’s probably not going to be that much traveling.  You probably already have set collaborators and there’s a system set up for everything, from producing the product to marketing and advertising.  For a large firm, it’s important to look established, to create a certain image in the minds of people in general and clients in particular.  So you’ll probably be more interested in finding a place that is centrally located, with a nice lobby and view.  Newark is a great option for large firms because it is a commercial center with many office buildings.  Clients who visit you here and prospective employees will take you seriously as a corporate entity.

Expansion Needs of Small and Big Firms

Another difference between the requirements of small and large firms arises because of expansion needs.  Small firms are likely to grow very quickly and might need to move to bigger spaces soon.  Of course, this can be avoided if you plan for expansion from the very beginning and get a slightly roomier space to begin with.  Large firms, on the other hand, might expand, depending on the state of the industry but this is not a given for them, as it is for small firms.  Whereas small firms may need to move to spaces that are two or three times as big as their original size, large firms will probably only need to budget for a few more cubicles than they already have.