Rent Office Space in Newark

Rent Office Space in Newark

Newark is a great place to have an office. Here’s why.

The cost of Newark office space to rent is very competitive compared to New York and other major centers. Yet Newark offers many business advantages.

It’s a city of nearly three hundred thousand people, at the lynch point of the Philadelphia, Newark, New York triangle. Newark is only sixteen miles from New York City, about one half-hour by light rail. It’s only 85 miles from Philadelphia by rail, light plane, or major highway.

There are 1,314 major companies listed in Newark. Remnants of its former heavy industrial base remain in the Industrial Meadowlands, which has seen an influx of new factories including a large Anheuser-Busch brewery.
The city is the midst of a transition from heavy industry to light manufacturing and white color commerce. The service industries are growing rapidly.

Newark is now the third largest insurance center in the United States. At least five major insurance companies have established home offices in Newark. Newark is home to hundreds of legal firms.

In addition, the transportation and shipping industries have become important business sectors in the city, accounting for more than seventeen thousand jobs. Newark is the home of a major container seaport located on Newark Bay which enters the Southern end of New York harbor. It boasts one of the great international airports in the country.

There are lots of economic advantages to Newark as a location. Parts of the city have been designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone offering reduced sales taxes. The city is designated as eligible for Urban Transit Hub Tax Credits for investment close to the rail lines.

Newark is extensively served by mass transit. It is second only to New York City in the proportion of households who do not use cars. Bus routes and bicycle paths run across the city reducing the need for cars. Light rail systems run throughout the city and connect to New York City via the intercity PATH system.

Newark is also the home of Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall School of Law, The University of New Jersey Medicine and Dentistry Schools, Berkeley College, Essex County College, and the Newark School of the Arts.