Creating Space Where There Is None in Your Newark Offices for Lease

Offices for Lease in Newark

Offices for Lease in Newark


Nowadays, space is the most important thing when it comes to leasing offices or homes.  Space is a valuable commodity and there never seems to be enough of it.  This is why many people have come up with ways to create space where there is none.  You can take even a small office space and convert it into a much larger one by using a few tips and tricks.  Here are some ways to create space in your Newark offices for lease:

Think Vertical, Not Horizontal.

One great way to create more workspace is by using the vertical space available in your offices.  This works best if you have high ceilings.  The idea is to build a mezzanine level above your floor and put in some workspaces there as well.  This way, you can end up getting twice the space that you have.  The idea is similar to what a lot of people do in their homes when they put in a desk underneath a bunk bed.  When it comes to offices, you can just put in desks on the upper level as well as the lower one.

Conference Rooms That Turn into Offices. 

Often, people need to have conference rooms in their offices for meetings with employees and clients.  But these conference rooms are only used from time to time and remain empty for the most part.  Instead, you can use the same room as a conference room and an office.  Simply install furniture that folds away easily and have employees use laptops rather than desktops.  When you need to use the room as a conference room, you can fold away the work desks and unfold a large table built into the wall.  When you’re done, fold away the conference table and unfold the work desks.

Continuous Desks vs. Cubicles. 

Generally, people install cubicles so that their employees can work peacefully without disturbing each other.  However, giving each employee a cubicle can take up quite a bit of space and also make them feel a little isolated.  Instead, it helps to have a row of desks where employees can work next to each other, feel connected and save space at the same time.  Of course, you should take the final call on whether this will turn out to be a more disturbing work space or one that encourages productivity.