Newark office space is there for the taking

Newark Office Space, Nj Newark Office Space, Nj

Newark Office Space, Nj

Things are looking up for Newark. As evidenced by the multiple construction projects going on downtown, you can hear and see the city coming back. But aside from major projects like the 20-story Prudential Tower rising from a foundation of concrete and steel, there’s plenty of other real estate to consider if you’re in the hunt for Newark office space.

A Compelling Business Climate

Yes, the aforementioned Prudential Tower will be 740,000 square feet of real estate from the ground up. But places like the Military Park Building, the Robert Treat Center and the Fireman’s Insurance Building are also located within the city’s cultural, dining and entertainment hub.

First Class Amenities

Yes, Prudential Tower will integrate into the surrounding blocks like Halsey and New Streets, essentially connecting Broad St to Newark’s University Heights section. Plans also include a brand new parking garage with retail and art displays, with all construction set to be complete by early 2015.

But around town, there are other places with plenty of luxuries and modern conveniences. The Robert Treat Center boasts high-tech meeting and conference rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a picturesque exterior roof garden. The historic Military Park Building is an ultra-modern hi-rise nestled in the central business district and recently underwent a $5 million upgrade to the lobby and core building, as well as the elevators. And the building at 756 Broad? It’s ideal for data centers or disaster recovery facilities. Come take a peek!

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Location is Everything

The long-awaited and still on-going rebirth of Newark is great news, but location is what helps to power the economic engine. These properties are ideal for expanding Newark-based companies, as well as New York City-based business seeking to reduce the cost of doing business while remaining in close proximity to Manhattan.

If you have questions about leasing Newark office space, it’s a great time to consider your options and become a catalyst to further the development.

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