Newark Office Space Rental: Disadvantages That Turn Out To Be Advantages

Newark Office Space Rental

Newark Office Space Rental : Disadvantages That Turn Out To Be Advantages

When you’re getting a Newark office space rental, you want to keep the advantages and disadvantages of the place in mind.  If possible, it’s best to draw up a list of advantages and disadvantages so that you have them both right in front of you when you’re making a decision.  Your list might look something like this: Advantages

  • Big space
  • Good building
  • Close to public transport
  • Low crime stats


  • Not much light
  • First floor (traffic noises)
  • No shops or restaurants close by
  • No parking

This is just a sample list.  Your own list might look the same or different.  You might have more advantages and less disadvantages or vice versa.  Sometimes, it’s possible to make a list where it looks as though there are many disadvantages but just one big advantage.  But if this is an advantage that counts, then you might want to go ahead and lease the space.

No Parking? 

No Problem Often, it seems as though disadvantages can be turned around to your advantage.  For example, you may think that having no parking is a big disadvantage.  However, this might result in you and your employees using more public transportation which might even turn out to be more convenient.

Neighborhood Development

You may also think that the lack of shops and restaurants in the area is a disadvantage.  But you might want to find out if there are any plans to develop the neighborhood underway.  If so, then you’re actually lucky to have found the space before the development takes place.  This way, you’ll get in at a lower rent and still reap all the benefits once new businesses pop up all around the place.  Being in an area with many other businesses is likely to drive up your business too.

Too Many Competitors?

Yet another disadvantage might be that many of your competitors are located in the same area.  Although this seems like a disadvantage at first, it might actually turn out to be an advantage if you specialize in something slightly different than them.  For example, you might be hesitant to lease a space if you sell insurance and the company across from you does the same.  But if they specialize in health insurance and you specialize in homeowner’s insurance, then you won’t have any problem.

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