Consider Newark office space to rent around Military Park

Military Park, Newark, NJ Military Park, Newark, NJ

Military Park, Newark, NJ

Revitalization remains the buzzword in downtown Newark, and there’s one spot where the past is meeting the future head-on. Military Park, once a training ground for troops that later became a sea of graffiti-covered benches and garbage bins, is in the midst of a makeover that began last year.

If you’re looking for Newark office space to rent, what you’ll find around Military Park once the $3.25 million renovation is complete will be a great draw for clients and employees alike. New trees and a full acre of flowers, Victorian-style lampposts and brand new restrooms are at the top of the list according to the New York Times. Plans also call for converting stairwell heads leading to an underground parking garage, building a new café and making the area more appealing overall. Find your Business Offices in Newark Office Space

When the rehab is finally complete, who wouldn’t want to have their office space in a place about to become a cultural mecca? According to the Star-Ledger, the man who famously rehabbed New York City’s Bryant Park envisions Newark’s downtown as a center for everything from cultural events to farmers markets.

Directly across the street from the Military park, construction is underway on Prudential’s new 20-story office tower and plans have been approved to renovate the 400,000 square-foot Hahne & Company (Hahne’s) building into office and retail spaces on an adjacent block.

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There’s no better time than now to check out office space for rent around Military Park. The influx of office workers, new businesses and residents will make this an area where your company needs to get in on the action and become part of the resurgence of Newark.