Newark Office Space for Lease is Ideal for Law Firms

 Newark office space for law firms Mid Adult Couple Meeting with agent in a Office

Office space in Newark is an excellent choice for law firms for three major reasons: proximity to courthouses, proximity to law schools and convenience for clients and employees.

Proximity to Courthouses

Federal, State and County Courthouses are all located in Newark. This includes:

  • Criminal Court
  • Family, Child Support and General Equity Court
  • Federal US District Courts
  • Newark Municipal Court
  • Workers Compensation Court

Location near a courthouse can save your lawyers a lot of time especially if they have to appear in court several times a week. If they might need to appear on short notice it will be beneficial to have the office in Newark where they can arrive at the court quickly.

Proximity to Law Schools

Newark is home to two law schools: Rutgers School of Law and Seton University School of Law. Both are accredited by the American Bar Association and both are members of the Association of American Law Schools. Rutgers was founded in 1908 and is the oldest law school in NJ. Seton is the top ranked law school in NJ and was opened in 1951.

Locating your law office near a law school gives you two major benefits. You will have a law school library close by for any research you may require. Also, many law schools partner with law firms for student externships. An externship is a wonderful opportunity for a student to learn more about how law is practiced in the real world but it is also fantastic for the law firm. The law firm will have an opportunity to see how the student might fit into their practice before hiring. Consider it a semester long interview. In addition the law firm will benefit from the unpaid legal work that the student provides.

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Convenience for Clients and Employees

Clients and employees will be drawn to the location of a Newark Law Firm. Newark has a good public transit system making it easy to get to the office. They will appreciate that the office is close to the Courthouses of Newark. In addition Newark is a city with plenty of entertainment options including the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Prudential Center, and Riverfront Baseball Stadium. It is also a city that is undergoing exciting revitalization such as the renovation of Military Park, the new Prudential Towers being built and announcement of new retail locations including Whole Foods.

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