Choose a Newark Office Space for Lease to Attract Clients

Newark Office Space Lease

Choose Newark Office Space for Lease to Attract Clients

If you work in an industry where you have direct contact with clients, then you’ll need to get an office space in an area that will attract clients.  Of course, your business might not entertain walk-in clients but in case it does, it always helps to check out the neighborhood beforehand and find out whether your Newark office space for lease will bring in new business.  Here are a few things to look out for:

1. Do you see a lot of people in the area?  This is one of the most basic things that you’ll need to consider.  If the offices you’re renting are in a somewhat remote area of Newark, then it’s likely that there aren’t any people on the street.  And if your business is dependent on walk-ins, then this probably wouldn’t be the best location for you.  It’s preferable to rent in an area where you can see a lot of people going by.

2. Are there many eateries around?  If there are many restaurants in the area, then it’s possible that it fills up around lunch and dinner, even if it’s relatively empty the rest of the time.  So you’re likely to attract clients who might pass by your offices while they’re taking a lunch break from work or entertaining clients at dinner.

3. Is there shopping in the area?  If there are many shops in the area, then you know that it’s going to attract people at some time or the other, even if you don’t see any at the time when you go to look at your potential office space.

4. Are there complementary businesses around?  It’s a good idea to look around for businesses that complement yours.  For example, if you run a doctor’s office, then a dentist’s office in the same area would be a complementary one.  People like to go to the same area for services of the same kind.  So the dentist’s patients are likely to start coming to your doctor’s office and vice versa.

5. Is it conveniently located with regard to public transportation?  Not everyone has a car in the NYC metropolitan area.  And Newark is so easy to get to by the PATH and other trains and buses that even people who have cars prefer to take public transport.  So it’s a good idea to get an office space close to public transportation if you want to attract clients.