Why You Should Move Your Business to Newark: Find Newark office space now

Move Your Business to Newark

Move Your Business to Newark

Are you starting a business or have a business and are looking for office space? Are you wondering where is the best place to be in business? Look no further – Newark is the best choice for office space to rent. Why?

1. Newark is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies. If that many Fortune 500 companies are in Newark, there must be a good reason to look for office buildings for lease in Newark.

2. Newark is just 15 minutes outside of New York City. That means clients in New York City can easily reach you and you can easily reach them. It also means clients do not have to endure the traffic and parking in downtown New York City, they can use transportation to come to Newark.

3. Let’s look at price. In Newark, most office space is available for rent or lease at about half the average rent in Manhattan. That alone is a great reason to do business in Newark. If you are paying less for office space, then you can use your resources to grow your business. So, move to Newark and spend less on office rental space.

4. What about labor? Newark has several institutions and that means there are over 44,000 college students in Newark. College students who are studying to be part of your company. Typically college students do internships which are free for your company. College students are also looking for employment while going to school and that means lower employee costs for you.

5. Newark has great entertainment options for you and your clients. The entertainment options will also help you attract quality employees. Future employees want options where they live. When they learn that Newark has professional sports teams and other entertainment, they will know it is a place they can live.

6. Shipping options are convenient. Newark is the key container shipping facility for New York City and is also the largest on the East Coast. If your business needs shipping, you are close to the port. So, it just makes sense to rent office space in Newark.