Doing Some Recon Before You Get a Newark Office Rental

Doing Some Recon Before You Get a Newark Office Rental Newark Office Rental

Before you get a Newark office rental, you need to find out as much as you can about the area and the building.  In order to do this, you could pretend that you’re a private investigator doing some recon.  We’re not suggesting that you walk around disguised as someone else but it might help to ask a few people about the area and the building.  Here are a few tips to get as much information as you can:

  1. Walk Around and Get the Feel of the Place.  This is really important because this is where you’re going to come everyday to work.  All your employees are also going to come to this location.  So you need to make sure that you’re comfortable and that they’re comfortable too.  If you walk around the building where you’re thinking about renting and don’t get a good feel, you can re-think your decision about renting that space.
  2. Speak to Other Renters.  This might not be all that easy to do.  You can’t just walk into someone else’s office and start asking how much they’re paying in rent and what they think of the area.  However, if you do walk in and introduce yourself in a nice way and explain what you’re trying to do, they may be willing to cooperate.  Just keep in mind that, like a PI, you might have to ask several people before you get the answers you need.
  3. Have a Cup of Coffee.  People working in a diner or coffee shop nearby probably  know a lot about the area because they see people come and go all the time.  So go sit down in a nice place, get a cup of coffee and speak to the waitress about the neighborhood.  Is it getting better or worse?  Have they noticed anything new or different lately?  Do they have any advice for someone who might be renting?  They’ll probably open up to you right away and give you a lot of information.
  4. Go to the Local Deli or Bodega.  This is another place where the workers and owners see a lot of people come and go.  Most people just come in, buy what they want and leave.  If you actually go in and introduce yourself and ask for their help, this will boost their self-esteem and provide you with the information you need.

So if you are looking at Newark office rentals, these are some of the ways you could find out more about the neighborhood.  And it will also be helpful if you stay on good terms with all the people that you meet so that you continue to have your finger on the pulse of the area.