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With the ever-growing population of New York City as well as that of Philadelphia, office spaces have become harder and harder to find at a cost that is both reasonable and in a location in which one’s business can thrive. Those who are considering a positive business move should consider leasing office space in Newark, New Jersey.

Prime Newark Office Space

Newark, NJ is located centrally between New York City and Philadelphia. As close as a 20 minute commute to Manhattan, one can easily see that the market for potential clients is vastly expanded to cover a tri-state audience. More still, Newark is the home to the New Jersey Premiere Art’s Center (NJPAC) as well as the Prudential Center. With so many benefits for doing business in Newark, one can see why obtaining Newark office space would be a great investment for any business.

Apart from the tri-state advantage offered by being located in Newark, one will find that the businesses within Newark are diversified. This is extremely beneficial to those businesses who want to have access to many resources offered in Newark.

Commonsense Leasing in Newark Will Save You Money

Because Newark is located so close to major cities, one needs to look at the financial benefits of a Newark office space for lease. Such office spaces as those found on Newark Office Space are far less than similar properties for lease within New York City, Manhattan, or Philadelphia. Where most of the properties located within the Newark office space area lease for around $20-$30 per square foot, New York and Manhattan lease around $60 to $350 a square foot. This is just for the building lease. One may consider a $40 per square foot difference to be a minimal thing. However, when one looks at a typical 1800 sf office the difference becomes quite remarkable. In New York the property would be $108,000 per year where in Newark the rent would be $36,000. This is a $72,000 difference.

The office space is not the only area in which one will find financial savings. Where the lease per sf is vastly different, there are other considerations that one must address. Financially speaking, an office in the Newark far exceeds savings of anything that one could find in the nearby major cities.With the savings that one gets from the lease, a great portion of the supplies and other costs associated with running a business are covered.

Business Owners like Newark Office Space

Business owners are generally concerned with the bottom line of the company as well as the growth of the company and this can greatly be increased by investing in leasing Newark office space. Consider the logic of this. A company which has only spent a third of the usual annual cost for the lease combined with a yearly utility bill that is nearly half of the annual costs have more potential to invest those savings on expansion and growing the bottom line. More so, companies that are driven by modern technology and trends have a larger budget in which to invest on such essential research. An increase in either the bottom line or the growth of the company’s value (from well invested advancements) is sure to keep shareholders well pleased.

Newark Office Space is The Right Location for Many Businesses

One is encouraged to investigate if leasing office space in Newark is the best option for your business. Properties can be found at Newark Office Space. By comparison, one will see that Newark is easily accessible, culturally rich, lower in rent, and a great investment for any business whether it is a larger company looking to branch out, or a smaller company looking to start up and maximize their client potential. Office space is available and Newark is definitely worth looking into.

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