Jersey City Office Space vs Newark
Top 5 Reasons Why Newark Is Better

There are many benefits to locating your office to New Jersey. From lower prices to better tax rates and deductibles and much more. For businesses, the critical decision will be where to rent, in Jersey City office space or Newark office space.

Let’s have a look and see why Newark comes out on top. Jersey City might be a popular destination for city dwellers and housing rentals, but Newark is the best bet for office space and business in general. Here’s why.
  1. Benefit from a Wider Pool of Employees
    Newark is a populous city—it is the capital of New Jersey, after all. Compared to the number of employees you’ll find in Jersey City, Newark has far more. Newark continues to rapidly add new residential projects to the city that attract people for living and working in the city. Those living in Jersey City are most likely to commute to work in Manhattan.
  2. Gain from Local Amenities
    Jersey City office leasing may have perks, but those perks are less likely to be convenient for you or your employees as most restaurants, gyms, and meeting venues are located across the river. Newark houses many world class amenities, cultural centers, entertainment venues, inner city parks and restaurants within the central business district.
  3. Move with More Transit Options
    More is better, especially when it comes to commuting. Newark has a wide variety of transportation methods for your employees to use like buses, trains, cabs, cars, bikes, and more. Your employees will never have an excuse to be late.
  4. Offer a Better Life for Families
    If you or your employees live in Newark or its surrounding suburban areas, families will have better access to things that matter most. There’s more green space, including the Newark campus of Rutgers University (which includes law and medical schools and the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies); the New Jersey Institute of Technology; and Seton Hall University's law school. The U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey sits in the city as well and much more.
  5. Pay Less Than in Jersey City
    The biggest benefit is the cost. The price of renting Jersey City office space can be up to 2x as much as in Newark. You’ll have more opportunity to scale your business and rake in profits on a monthly basis. Newark is on the move and quickly becoming the technology hub of New Jersey. Be part of the action in Newark.

Find Your Perfect Office Space Now

The choice is clear: Newark is the superior choice over leasing offices in Jersey City. Contact us today and discover the perfect office for your business right here in Newark.


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