Trendy Interiors for Your Newark Office Space for Lease

Trendy Interiors for Your Newark Office Space for Lease Trendy Interiors for Your Newark Office Space for Lease

If you’re looking at Newark office spaces for lease, you probably spend some time visualizing how the space will look once you’ve had a chance to move your things in.  Will be a pleasant and inviting space for you, your employees and your clients?  Or is it likely to look stuffy and unappealing?  With a few interior decorating tips, you can make most, if not all, spaces look trendy and on point.

Work with What You Have

You must know what the strong points of the space you’re renting are.  If the view is gorgeous, you need to make sure it’s unobstructed.  The windows should be large and clean.  You might need to get window shades in case there’s a bit too much sun at certain times of the day but make sure you make the view a focal point.

On the other hand, if the strong point of the space is the amount of square footage, you can emphasize this too by keeping it uncluttered.  Go for a minimalistic but comfortable look.  An important thing to keep in mind is an abundance of floor space.  Don’t crowd the floor with carpets or rugs.  Hardwood floors can really help a place look much larger than it really is.

Don’t Try To Match Everything

In general, people appreciate symmetry and matching colors.  Sometimes, however, a space can start looking too uniform if you introduce too much regularity.  If all the walls are painted the same dull color and there are paintings of the same size and color combinations at the same height everywhere, you stop noticing your surroundings.

Instead, try to introduce a little bit of pleasant irregularity.  A bright splotch of color somewhere will draw the eye and invite appreciation.  You could paint one wall a darker color or get eye-catching paintings (which aren’t too distracting for employees.)  A retro coffee table in-between modern looking couches and armchairs make for a pleasant contrast and are also very trendy.