The Average IQ of Newark Is Surprisingly High!

33 Washington Street

If you haven’t considered Newark for the new location of your business, then you should consider that a recent news article reported that “Dozens of would-be developers piled into Newark Symphony Hall… hoping to score a good deal….” Newark properties are very economically-priced and given their proximity to NYC, they become prime commercials spots.

Newark is also one of the few commercial cities of NJ, where most large conglomerates place their branches. It is also the city where one, of the only two law schools in NJ, is located. There is also one Osteopathic school and one medical school located in Newark. And as if that wasn’t enough, the New Jersey Institute of Technology is also located in Newark, which is one of NJ’s top engineering schools.

So as can plainly be seen – Newark is a city full of opportunities! Not considering its proximity to NYC, its student-base alone is a prime consumer-base for potential smartphone shops, fashion retailers, and other technology-based businesses.

Take Advantage of Newark’s Business Potential

Many businesses are already taking advantage of Newark’s potential. Another recent article states that “…the elite Whole Foods grocery store has signed a lease within the city… [and] There has been more than a couple billion dollars’ worth of projects that have either begun construction or have been completed, over the last couple of years.”

Even Marriott has made a move on Newark! “The Courtyard by Marriott hotel – opened in 2012 behind the Prudential Center on Broad Street… The 35-million Tucker Development project included 150 hotel rooms, as well as street-level storefronts.” Where there is an elite hotel like Marriott, there are sure to follow many business travelers from great companies – opening the floodgates of business transaction opportunities.

Newark Office Space is now offering prime commercial properties for cheap prices! Make your mark on Newark and carpe diem before it’s too late!