Entrepreneurship in Newark: From Office Rentals to Hiring Employees

Entrepreneurship in Newark: From Office Rentals to Hiring Employees Entrepreneurship in Newark: From Office Rentals to Hiring Employees


If you’re an entrepreneur just starting up your own business, there are going to be several things you’ll have to take care of, from getting a good office space to hiring new employees.  Sure, you may have a lot of great ideas and you may even be an expert in your industry.  But running your own business is very different from working for a company.  So you should be prepared to start doing a lot of things that you didn’t previously have to do.  As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to become a jack of all trades.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Office Rentals

One of the first things you’ll have to do is find good office space to rent.  A Newark office rental is ideal because it’s in a developed commercial area with access to many modes of transportation.  Not only will it be convenient for your employees to travel back and forth, it is also likely to attract clients and make a good impression on them.   Make sure that the space you end up renting is large enough to fit the number of employees you eventually plan to have and centrally located within the Newark area.

Hiring Employees

You may already have plans to work with certain people you know but, chances are, you’ll still have to hire new employees.  So you’ll have to go through the process of placing advertisements, looking at resumes, conducting interviews etc.  A good way of hiring people is by getting in touch with people you already know, either from previous jobs or socially.  Nowadays, you can also use the internet to hire people, if you have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook etc.  In addition to making sure that a person is presentable and has the right credentials, also remember to trust your gut.


When you start a new business which is producing a certain product or providing a certain service, you’ll need to do a certain amount of marketing to get your product or service off the ground.  Part of this can be done by word of mouth.  If one customer likes your product, they’re likely to tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on.  But you can also use the internet and other mediums for marketing purposes.  Having a web site, a blog and social media pages is inexpensive and helpful in marketing your product.  It also helps to be featured in local newspapers, magazines etc. either through advertisements or write ups, if they’re interested in featuring what you do.  The main idea is to keep reaching out to people in any way that you can to create some buzz about your product.