Decorating Newark Offices for Lease To Attract Clients

Decorating Newark Offices for Lease To Attract Clients Decorating Newark Offices for Lease To Attract Clients

Different businesses have different priorities when it comes to their office space.  Some just want to make it convenient for their employees and increase productivity.  For others, their office space is also a place where they meet with clients and go over issues.  If your Newark offices for lease are going to see a lot of clients come and go, then you need to decorate them in a way that will attract and impress them.  Consider the following pointers:

  • Waiting area.  When there are a lot of clients coming and going in your office space, you want to make sure that you have a comfortable waiting area.  The executives seeing the clients will no doubt do their best to meet everyone in time.  However, if people are early, they’ll still need a comfortable space to wait.  Make sure that your waiting room has comfy couches or chairs and is supplied with magazines that your clients will be interested in reading.  There’s nothing quite as boring as going to a doctor’s office and being forced to read only financial magazines which are completely irrelevant to you!
  • Organization.  One of the main things that a client will want to see when they come over to your offices is that you’re organized.  No one wants to give their business to someone who has papers strewn all over the place, dying plants and employees who seem to be in a state of panic.  So make sure that your office space is organized as far as possible.  Get a good filing system and employ someone who knows what they’re doing to keep all your papers organized.
  • Attractive offices/conference rooms.  When you take your clients into your office, you want to make sure that it makes a good impression.  So it’s often a good idea to save your corner office for client meetings.  If you’re meeting several clients at one go, you’ll want to meet in a conference room with a table and several comfortable chairs.  Clients need to be made to feel at home.  So it’s necessary to make your offices into relaxing spaces.  You might think that that dark wood table looks very impressive but a client might think that it’s cold and forbidding.  So try to think about things from the point of view of the client while you decorate.