Decorating Your Newark Office Space Rental To Maximize Productivity

Decorating Your Newark Office Space Rental To Maximize Productivity Decorating Your Newark Office Space Rental To Maximize Productivity


If you’ve decided to get a Newark office space rental, you want to make sure that you turn it into the kind of space which increases the productivity of your employees.  Depending on the type of interiors you choose for your office space, you can make a drastic difference in the quality of work turned in by your employees.  Additionally, you can also make your employees happier by giving them a nice space to work in.  Here are a few tips:

  • Give your employees a little more space.  In general, people set up cubicles of a certain size in offices.  However, if you have more space to spare, why not set up cubicles that are a bit larger so that your employees don’t feel boxed in?
  • Let in a little light.  Try to let in as much daylight as you can as this lifts the mood and can help your employees function better.  If you have large windows, there’s not much point covering them with shutters throughout the day.
  • Put up some artwork.  Try to put up artwork that actually speaks to people rather than the same old pictures of flowers, still lifes etc.  You probably don’t want to go with something too distracting like the works of Frieda Kahlo which can be a bit disturbing to look at over and over while working.  Instead, you could go with landscapes by Monet or Cezanne which are always beautiful and inspiring.
  • Say no to beige carpeting.  Just because you’re working in an office doesn’t mean that it has to be dull and grey.  Why not introduce a few bright colors?  If you don’t want to paint the entire office a bright color, you could do this on just one wall.  And throw in a few colorful rugs rather than the obligatory beige carpeting.
  • Plants.  It’s very soothing to have plants in an office space.  At times, you may not even notice that they’re there but they have a calming effect on your subconscious mind, making you feel like you’re in the open.  Plus, plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, thus making your office space easier to breathe in…literally!
  • Healthy snacks.  Try to avoid having vending machines with unhealthy snacks around your office.  You don’t want employees to gorge on sugar-laden candy bars and sodas, work intensely for an hour or two and then crash.  Instead, it’s better to have healthy snacks lying around like oatmeal, low fat popcorn, and trail mix etc. so that your employees can keep going.