Bad News! There is No Newark Office Space to Rent!

There is Newark Office Space to Rent There is Newark Office Space to Rent

OK, maybe there are a few places left, but the current office space environment will not last forever!  If your business is expanding and you need Newark Office Space to Rent, we would like to help.

There are many aspects to growing a business and finding the right office space for you, your customers and your employees is one of the most important considerations.

Here are several things you will want to keep in mind as you begin your search:

  1.  Size – Unfortunately many businesses underestimate the space they will need for employees, break rooms, common areas, reception area, meeting rooms, etc.  Spend some time evaluating how you use your current space and how you plan to use your next location.
  2. Location – Do you need to be easily accessible to your customers? Where do most of your employees live and how will the change impact them? Do you need to be close to transportation?  How important is parking for customers and staff?
  3. Lease TermHow long do you expect to stay in this location?  Are there expansion options available with the new landlord?  Can you get a “first right of refusal” clause on additional space?
  4. Shared Meeting Rooms – Do you need your own meeting areas or are there shared meetings rooms and services areas available?
  5. The Building Itself How old is the building?  Is it up to code?  Are repairs necessary? Is it visually appealing? How is the lighting?  How expensive are utilities

Yes, Newark Office Space does have space available and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

View our current listings here and then give us a call at 844-763-9275 .